Hurricane Nicole cost over $481 million in damages

Published on 11/14/2022
At Daytona Beach Shores and New Smyrna Beach, Ian left homes vulnerable to damage from Hurricane Nicole.

The damages from Hurricane Nicole are about $481 million. The hurricane was a category 1 storm, but it caused a ton of damage not unlike stronger Hurricane Ian. Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida and tore across the state. Moody’s Investors Service estimated that the insured losses from Hurricane Ian were between $40 billion and $70 billion in Florida and North Carolina.

damaged Florida property after Hurricane Nicole

In Volusia County, Florida, Hurricane Nicole caused more than $481 million in damages. That is much more than the $377 million that Hurricane Ian caused there. We're not sure how much insured losses are yet, but they could be between $40 billion and $70 billion.

The damages from Hurricane Nicole in Volusia County are more than $481 million. That's because the hurricane was a category 1 storm and not as strong as Hurricane Ian, which caused $377 million in damages. There is still lots of damage from Hurricane Ian, though, even though it was a category 4 storm.

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